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Rama Roberts


Summary of Qualifications & Skills

    • Sixteen years of development experience in scalable, high volume services.
    • Eight years of engineering leadership in both enterprises and start-ups.
    • "Full-stack" developer, with a thorough understanding of all system components.
    • Demonstrated organizational skills in managing large teams building complex projects across different regions.
    • Specialties: Mobile, web, performance, cloud, high volume services, engineering leadership.

Professional Experience

2011 - current

VP of Engineering

Velti, Palo Alto CA

    • Design and drive the execution of new software development across all of the companies BUs.
    • Architectural oversight across development, operations, architecture, and technical strategy.
    • Ensure multi‐platform and multi‐team projects are executed seamlessly.

2010 - 2011 (acquired by Velti)

Architect, Mobile Advertising

Mobclix, Palo Alto CA

    • Early stage engineer, developed the ad delivery platform, chief infrastructure guy.
    • Helped scale the platform to over 10 billion monthly impressions.
    • Designed and built numerous features around delivery optimization, performance and reliability.
    • Re-architected and deployed infrastructure for 40% cost savings, simplicity, and performance.

2009 - 2010

Engineering Architect

Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores CA

    • Plan and execute the team and product mergers post acquisition.
    • Lead the engineering team for Oracle's private cloud offering. Solution consisted of improving existing virtualization technologies and IP, building the UI and API, implementing the production stack, and roll out to live customers.

1997 - 2009 (acquired by Oracle)

Senior Engineering Manager, Architect, Lead Developer, Developer

Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park CA

    • Progressed from junior engineer, senior engineer, lead developer, architect, and engineering manager across multiple business units in the company. Numerous top ratings across all roles in annual reviews.
    • Built and managed the engineering teams responsible for all of Sun's ad delivery, search, developer, and social web platforms.
    • Core contributor to the organization-wide architecture council. Responsible for overseeing our 145 person engineering organization, defining best practices, and reviewing designs and implementations.
    • Developed numerous projects across the company, such as SA management tools, SSO service, ecommerce platform, advertising service.


B.S., Computer Science (CS/CSE), University of California, Davis.